Teaching Award for Media Inequality

'You're Brilliant' is an award scheme managed by the Student Union which allows students to recognise staff at Bournemouth University who they feel have gone above and beyond their role in teaching, inspiring and helping students.  

I was both honoured and delighted when I was presented with a certificate 'For developing the Media Inequality unit to develop the cultural competencies of students and continuously working towards meaningful social change'.

Media Inequality is both a personal and professional mission which I developed to empower students to be agents of change in their future roles in the communications industries, increasing their employability, but also enhancing the learning experience for students that are often marginalised within a Eurocentric curriculum. 

It was therefore deeply meaningful and rewarding to be presented with this award. The cohort was the most engaged set of students I have ever taught and and I wish them every success for the future.

Dr Deborah Gabriel

I'm a Senior Lecturer at Bournemouth University who has lectured in journalism, politics, new media and corporate marketing communications. I aim to contribute to social change through teaching, research and professional practice, and I'm especially interested in race equality.

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