Pedagogical Research

Research in the interest of cultural democracy must be shaped and defined by principles supporting social justice. Antonia Darder


Pedagogical Research Interests

Equality, diversity, inclusion and justice in higher education teaching and learning, especially around curriculum diversification and inclusive teaching practice.

Research Approach

I specialise in qualitative-interpretative research using critical, transformative and emancipatory paradigms including critical race theory and Black feminism.

Internal Leadership Roles
  • Member of the Social Sciences & Humanities Research Ethics Committee, Bournemouth University
External Leadership Roles
Publications  on Pedagogy 

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Books (Forthcoming)

Gabriel, D., & Hylton, K. (2018). A Sense of Belonging: Race, Ethnicity and Culture in Higher Education. London: Trentham Books.

Journal Articles (Forthcoming)

Gabriel, D. (2017). Pedagogies of Social Justice and Cultural Democracy in Media Higher Education. Issue 8.1  MERJ (Media Education Research Journal)

Journal Articles (In Progress)

Gabriel, D. (2018). Promoting Social Transformation in the Communication Industries Through Pedagogies of  Social Justice & Cultural Democracy.

Gabriel, D. (2018). Critical Reflective Practice and Emancipatory Education: Promoting Diversity, Equality & Justice Through a Culturally Democratic Programme of Curriculum Diversification.

Conference Papers

Global Conference on Education, Research and Policy, Washington, DC. 11 April 2017

Keynote Speaker: Embedding Inclusion, Equality and Liberation in Media Higher Education

IAFOR International Conference on Education; Hawaii, 8-11 Jan 2016

Social Justice Pedagogy and Cultural Democracy: Promoting Inclusion and Equality in Further and Higher Education (co-presented with Aisha Richards).

Successful Funding Bids

(Feb 2017) Bournemouth University UoA25 Funding. Generating Research Impact Through Engagement With The Communication Industries